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Subscription Features

All of the exclusive easyjob Subscriber features:


  • User Settings: Create Organisation structure. L-Feature Subscription-Feature
  • Deactivate Users. Subscription-Feature
  • Password check via Active Directory Domain Services (ADDS) in easyjob and WebApp. Subscription-Feature
  • Organisation Structure: Optimized handling with scrollbars. L-Feature Subscription-Feature


  • Reminder supports E-Mails. Subscription-Feature

Master data

  • Payment Methods for Invoices and Purchase Invoices can be divied. Subscription-Feature
  • Item Master Data: New field for "Dangerous goods indicator". Subscription-Feature
  • Linked Associated Items - For changes, queries or already existing item bookings that should be updated in the future. Subscription-Feature
  • Artikel: New tab "Purchase Order". Subscription-Feature
  • New List Editor for devices at the Inventrory entry. Subscription-Feature
  • New function: Copy Item Packages. Subscription-Feature
  • New setting "Use Standard price" for supplier prices at Item Master Data. Subscription-Feature
  • New column at the data exchange inventory export per owner. XL-Feature Subscription-Feature
  • The Sales Price in the Item master data can now be stored for new goods and used goods. Subscription-Feature
  • Edit price list - List of Items: Now it can be sorted by field, Multiselect and the “Edit Entries” context menu, as for other Master Data Lists. Subscription-Feature
  • Item Packages: Define the sorting of Items and use it in the Bill of Items. Subscription-Feature
  • Item package: Setting to book the particular Item package as a own group. Subscription-Feature
  • Weight of linked Items (gross/net) in the Main Data. Subscription-Feature
  • New possibility to record data for private address at Contact Advanced tab. Subscription-Feature
  • Purchase Order: Item Master Data Inventory with new column Delivery status. Subscription-Feature
  • UpdatePurchase prices/Sub-Rental prices during import. Subscription-Feature
  • Individual Item sorting order for each Sub Category. Subscription-Feature
  • Supplier Price maintenance during import. Subscription-Feature
  • New column in the Item -> Devices "Number of Items in the Transport Container". L-Feature Subscription-Feature

Project Management

  • Extension Shopping Cart for sales of sales inventory and used items sales (expendable Items). Subscription-Feature
  • Copy Job: Selection: "Apply current prices from Master Data". Subscription-Feature
  • Create Inventory Job in > Tools. Subscription-Feature
  • Add an Address in Job Appointments. Subscription-Feature
  • Sub-Rental Jobs: New setting "Direct delivery" (volume and weights of the job are not calculated in). Subscription-Feature
  • "Print on reports" check mark now also for attachments. Subscription-Feature
  • Periods (Load, Transport, Setup, ...) can also be defined for Sub-Rentals. Subscription-Feature
  • Create Project Series - Copy Project - Copy Job: Possibility to Keep Job Status. Subscription-Feature
  • Digital Signature for Confirmed Jobs and Delivery Notes. Subscription-Feature
  • Project dashboard. Subscription-Feature
  • Expanded insurance calculation. Subscription-Feature
  • Project attachments: optionally show also attachments from the Project activities. Subscription-Feature
  • Link Projects as reference. XL-Feature Subscription-Feature
  • Copy or transfer Job Resource Assignment and Assignment Status. Subscription-Feature

Item scheduling

  • Automatically load the contents of a transport container that have been pre-defined it in the Master Data. L-Feature Subscription-Feature
  • Manage spare Item quantities. L-Feature Subscription-Feature
  • New Column Stock Level from supplier (also Sub-Hire Wizard). Subscription-Feature
  • New Filter Sub Category at Overbookings view. Subscription-Feature
  • Excelimport at the Bill of Items is able to import free lines. Subscription-Feature
  • Filter for Sales opportunity in the Overbooking calculation. XL-Feature Subscription-Feature
  • Include number of Items in Availability Check. Subscription-Feature
  • Determine the quantity of spare Items needed directly in the Bill of Items. L-Feature Subscription-Feature
  • Eventfilter at the Disoboard. XL-Feature Subscription-Feature
  • Availability overview displays current loaded and unloaded Items. Subscription-Feature
  • When booking an item package, the price can be set as a fixed total. L-Feature Subscription-Feature
  • New part for Material Group information. Subscription-Feature
  • Item Overbookings: New column for Item Own Number and User Filter to find entries at the Item Custom Field. Subscription-Feature
  • Scheduling Board: Job line context menu shows information about scheduled devices. Subscription-Feature
  • New Window for "Suppliers" in the Bill of Items. Subscription-Feature
  • Show availabilities from suppliers (easyjob Partner Web Access via WebApp URL in Master Data Addresses->Communication required). Subscription-Feature
  • Color mark "Availability" individual per column. Subscription-Feature
  • Part Deliveries will be consecutively numbered. Subscription-Feature
  • When replacing an Item, the On-Fly check is shown directly for the respective Items. Subscription-Feature
  • Sub-Rental Assignment can be carried out for more than one Project. Subscription-Feature
  • In the Availability overview, Items can be rescheduled directly in the Bill of Items. Subscription-Feature
  • Automatic booking of a sales variant for a sales item. XL-Feature Subscription-Feature

Resource Planning

  • New part in the Resource planer: Displays how many hours per week the person was already scheduled. Subscription-Feature
  • New Resource Assignment status - Reserved. Subscription-Feature
  • Search by free-form text in the Resource Planner. Subscription-Feature
  • Resource Plan: The timeline of all views can be linked in the Workspace. Subscription-Feature
  • Resource Plan: New workspace setting "Save Task Filter". Subscription-Feature
  • Move Resource Status via Drag and Drop to another Resource. Subscription-Feature
  • New Resource Planner: moving and time frame adjustment via Drag&Drop. Subscription-Feature
  • Resource Booking: distinction in the number to invoice and number of required Resources. XL-Feature Subscription-Feature
  • Job appointments can be edited and created directly in the resource plan via the context menu. Subscription-Feature
  • Assign Resources to Appointments via drag & drop. Subscription-Feature
  • View Scheduled Planning Resources within the Project. XL-Feature Subscription-Feature
  • Differ Resource Types at master data between Planning Resources and Resources. XL-Feature Subscription-Feature
  • For Resource function assignment, it can be defined if the times are “fixed” or “flexible” times (can be shown in the Resource planner). L-Feature Subscription-Feature
  • The order of the Resource Rates can be sorted globally. Subscription-Feature
  • It can be defined in the Resource series if the same people must be used for the complete series. Subscription-Feature
  • No more required Resource rates can be deactivated. Subscription-Feature
  • Resource types that are no longer needed can be deactivated. Subscription-Feature
  • Resource Types, Rates and Price lists can be displayed depending on the location. Subscription-Feature


  • New option to set up a preferred tax type when there are multiple ones. Subscription-Feature
  • Discount from Sub-Rental can be fixed permanent. Subscription-Feature
  • Insurance basis as the base price. Subscription-Feature


  • easjob Scanner - Transport Container: Master Data Assignment will be deleted, if e. g. an already pre-packed Device will be loaded alone. Subscription-Feature
  • New property Linked Associated Items: "Not to scan". Subscription-Feature
  • Scanner App: Extra button for job info (e.g. Manager). Subscription-Feature


  • New Filter at Reminders for companies and sites. Subscription-Feature
  • New tab References. Subscription-Feature
  • Create payment plans also with the Proposed status. XL-Feature Subscription-Feature
  • Invoice Project: Beside grouping to "Item", "Sub Categories" and "Accounts" also "Job Item Group" is available. Subscription-Feature
  • Payment Receipt: possibility to import QR files. Subscription-Feature
  • Create electronic invoices. Subscription-Feature
  • Master Data Address: New setting Invoice Delivery Type "E-Mail" - E-Mail of the Customer Invoice Address will be used. Subscription-Feature
  • Invoice approval: Jobs could be approved individual. Activation in Tools > Settings > Jobs. User Right in > Projects/Jobs. Subscription-Feature
  • Creating a credit would be linked with the credited Invoice. Subscription-Feature


  • Spare parts -> free lines possible. Subscription-Feature
  • Workshop: Due for Maintenance - new filter: Maintenance schedule, site and date. Subscription-Feature
  • Establish a standard estimated completion time for individual Workshop activities. Subscription-Feature
  • Manage Vehicle repair and maintenance in the Workshop module. Subscription-Feature
  • Estimated Workshop Activity Costs from Replacement price. L-Feature Subscription-Feature
  • Track Workshop Activities for Items that are not part of your inventory. Subscription-Feature
  • New setting Maintenance Schedule "Due at Inventory Entry" - creates service due directly at Device Inventory entry. Subscription-Feature

Purchase Order

  • Create Purchase Order for external "Workshop Services" from workshop activity. Subscription-Feature
  • Spare parts can be ordered at workshop activity. Subscription-Feature
  • New field: Delivery Address. Subscription-Feature
  • Resource planning: Combine the same Addresses through multiple selection (STRG+click) in a Purchase order. Subscription-Feature
  • Item Master Data: Purchase Order Parts List for item parts. Subscription-Feature
  • Item Master Data: preset Packaging unit for each supplier (additional column at purchase order). Subscription-Feature
  • Feature from purchase order "Update Item suppliers". Subscription-Feature
  • Devices can be directly created from a pruchase order. Subscription-Feature
  • Print Order Request for several suppliers via multiselect. Subscription-Feature
  • Program settings to lock schedule for sub-rentals at status "Purchase Order". Subscription-Feature
  • Apply total of Purchase Orders in the Cost Planner automatically (option preset). Subscription-Feature
  • With optional Delivery Date no Inventory entry. Subscription-Feature
  • Purchase Orders also possible with Partial deliveries. Subscription-Feature
  • Purchase Orders can be copied. Subscription-Feature
  • An Order Request can be put to several suppliers. Subscription-Feature


  • "Tentative" also for sales. Subscription-Feature
  • Calculation Base also for sales jobs. Subscription-Feature

Printing/Report Designer

  • New Report for Cash settlement/Cash book. Subscription-Feature
  • Export expanded to include Word XML (docx). Subscription-Feature
  • Initialize report parameters in the Project. XL-Feature Subscription-Feature
  • Initialize report parameters in addresses. XL-Feature Subscription-Feature
  • New Report Template: Price List. Subscription-Feature
  • New LL code page function for Swiss QR-bill. Subscription-Feature


  • Item Packages can be assigned to Sites now. Subscription-Feature
  • Creating of "Availability Groups" at the Sites (e. g. Europe). L-Feature Subscription-Feature

Office integration

  • Microsoft Teams integration. Subscription-Feature

Settings and User Rights

  • New right: "Only view own Projects and Jobs". XL-Feature Subscription-Feature
  • Item units can be created freely in the master data. Subscription-Feature

easyjob 6 Controlling Center

  • General Costs can be used in purchase orders. Subscription-Feature
  • Controlling Center: Create a Cash book in easyjob. Subscription-Feature
  • New User right "Cash book". Subscription-Feature
  • New Filter at the Purchase Invoice Overview. Subscription-Feature
  • Payment Instruction: New Filter by Due Date. Subscription-Feature
  • New dropdown field "Payment Method" at Purchase Invoice Card "Costs", fields editable if selection is "Empty" (Discountoption). Subscription-Feature
  • Create Purchase Invoices from Summary Document. Subscription-Feature
  • Purchase Invoice mark as "Confidential". Subscription-Feature

easyjob 6 CRM

  • Take the probability into account in the Dispoboard filter. Subscription-Feature
  • Adresstypes are available now for Leads as well. Subscription-Feature
  • New Category-field for Adresses and Leads. Subscription-Feature
  • CreateTasks via Shortcut STRG-T. Subscription-Feature
  • New filter at Navigator "My created Activities" for a better activity managment. Subscription-Feature
  • New field at the Status Change Reason "Lost to competitor" for the Competitor Proposed Price. Subscription-Feature
  • Activities can now be created from the dashboard. Subscription-Feature
  • Create Leads now available in WebApp. Subscription-Feature

easyjob 6 WebApp

  • New user filter for items (Bill of Items and Master Data)/Addresses/Projects. Subscription-Feature
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA) in WebApp, Mobile App, Kiosk, Scanner with TOTP. Subscription-Feature
  • Warehouse Service Center: registered user put items into a shopping cart for a particular period. Subscription-Feature
  • Create/edit free lines in the WebApp. Subscription-Feature
  • Project dashboard in WebApp and Phone. Subscription-Feature

easyjob 6 Workflow

  • WebApp Push notification for workflow messages (only with active subscription). Subscription-Feature
  • Purchase Invoice: Set Release Status for all line items. Subscription-Feature
  • New Action: "Add Planning Resource". XL-Feature Subscription-Feature

easyjob 6 Freelancer Communication Pack

  • Open Resource Plan from an context menu in the Resources answer. Subscription-Feature

easyjob 6 Webshop

  • Web shop support for Sales and Used Items Sales. Subscription-Feature
  • Display Webshop Live availability via the WebApi. Subscription-Feature

easyjob 6 Quality Assurance

  • Skills can be displayed as tree view via backslash. Subscription-Feature

easyjob 6 Time Card Analyzis

  • Driven distance at Travel Expenses. Subscription-Feature
  • Work Time Overview: New filter according to Organisation Structure. L-Feature Subscription-Feature

easyjob 6 Mobile Scanner

  • Scanner supports now "Tablet Mode". Subscription-Feature
  • Assign/remove Items and Devices from OBU-Site via Scanner. Subscription-Feature
  • Assign Associated Devices via Scanner. Subscription-Feature

easyjob 6 Document Management

  • Document Properties: new selection "Document type", they can be created at master data with "confidential" property with user right. Subscription-Feature

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